Ewan Chung was born in Washington, DC, and raised in Virginia. He most recently worked on the independent films "Awakened" by Marvin Willson, "Orenthal: The Musical" by Jeff Rosenberg, as well as "Morning" and "Undiscovered". His many TV credits include the upcoming David E. Kelly medical drama "Monday Mornings" on TNT, "Bones", "Torchwood", "Two and a Half Men", "Boston Legal", "Chuck", "Eli Stone", "Heroes", "How I Met Your Mother", "The Unit", Stephen King's "Desperation", "Las Vegas", "Invasion" and Spike Lee’s "Sucker Free City." Ewan majored in the French language at the University of Virginia. He is also fluent in Mandarin and has a working knowledge of German, Dutch, Spanish.
AWAKENED - Lead - Indep. Film / Marvin Willson
ORENTHAL: THE MUSICAL - Supporting - Indep. Film / Jeff Rosenberg
MORNING - Supporting - Indep. Film / Leland Orser
WHAT IF PEOPLE DIED? - Lead - Indep. Film / Dominic Mah
KISSING COUSINS - Motivational Speaker - Indep. Film / Amyn Kaderali
UNDISCOVERED BRENDAN - Supporting - Lions Gate / Meiert Avis
HOW TO DO ASIAN SQUAT - Lead - Indep. Film / Daniel Hsia
SHOWTIME - Ping Pong Opponent - Warner Bros / Tom Dey
COWBOY BEBOP: The Movie - Featured (voice over) - Sony Pictures / Shinichirô Watanabe


MONDAY MORNINGS - Co star (recurring) - TNT / Bill D’Elia
BONES - Guest star - Fox TV / Steven DePaul
TORCHWOOD - Co-star - BBC / Bill Gierhart
TWO AND A HALF MEN - Co-star - CBS / Jamie Widdoes
BOSTON LEGAL - Co-star (recurring) - ABC / Bill D’Elia
CHUCK - Co-star - NBC / David Solomon
HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER - Co-star (recurring) - CBS / Pamela Fryman
HEROES - Co-star - NBC / Jeannot Szwarc
ELI STONE - Co-star - ABC / David Petrarca
THE UNIT - Co-star (recurring) - CBS / Steven DePaul
DESPERATION SHIH - Guest - Touchstone ABC / Mick Garris
INVASION - Co-star (recurring) - ABC / Michael Dinner
LAS VEGAS - Co-star - NBC / Mel Damski
SUCKER FREE CITY - Guest star - Showtime / Spike Lee
GHOST IN THE SHELL (series) - Mechanic (recurring voice over) - Cartoon Network / Kenji Kamiyama


HELL MONEY - Lead - Jen Bloom - Chalk Repertory Theatre
TEN TO LIFE - Lead - Alberto Isaac - Lodestone Theatre
CBS ASIAN AMERICAN SHOWCASE - Lead - CBS / Tim Dang, Fern Orenstein
MACBETH - Seyton - Adam Zahler
THE TAMING OF THE SHREW PETRUCHIO - Dorothy Feldman - Shakespeare Troupe
HAIR - Tommy - Tribe Member Bob Chapel


GREEN TEA PARTY - Lead - OPM / Acme Comedy Theatre
FISTS OF FUNNY - Lead - OPM / Acme Comedy Theatre
EXOTIC MESSAGES - Lead - Esther K. Chae, OPM / Ford Amphitheatre
TELEMONGOL - Lead - Henry Chan / GTC Burbank & Kirk Theatre NY
DANGEROUSLY ASIANS - Lead - Thessaly Lerner, OPM / The Complex
“K TOWN HOTTIE” - Yang Hung Yang Clan / The Laugh Factory & The Improv
ME LAUGH YOU LONG TIME - Lead - Leroy Chin, OPM (“Best of SF Fringe”) / EXIT Theatre


Scene Study - Jeremy Kagan
Theatrical Scene Study - Colleen Kelly, Richard Warner
Shakespeare - Betsy Tucker
Voice for Theatre - Kate Burke
Classical voice - Tanya Kerr, Daniel Knowles
Basic stage combat (quartersta, sword, hand to hand) - Colleen Kelly, Glenn Wilder



Fluent Chinese Mandarin & French; Basic German

ACCENTS: Chinese, British (RP, Northern, Cockney), Scottish, Irish, American (Southern, NY), Australian, South African



Piano; Singing (baritone); Basic tap, jazz, ballet, ballroom (waltz, cha cha, rumba, swing); Tennis; Volleyball